what we do at
united wool Co

United Wool Co are a dedicated team of wool industry experts. We have a range of services to help you exceed your predicted result.

We are proud to partner with woolgrowers and processors to provide the best outcome possible.

Our Services

  • Auction buying
    • Merino Fleece, skirtings and cardings
    • Crossbred Fleece, skirtings and cardings
  • Procurement – Sourcing direct from farmer, from buyers and private buying networks, auction and non-auction
  • Forward contracts to growers
  • Sourcing wools from South Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia
  • Single source wools direct from growers
  • We can source ethically produced wools that are sustainable and traceable.
  • Early stage processing
    • We can supply scoured and carbonised wool, open tops and tops

United Wool perform all shipping and documentation in house – removing middle men and extra costs.

In addition to the above if you have a special request, talk to the team at United Wool first. Our team of experienced industry professionals can make your needs happen.