United Wool Co

The United Wool Co team brings a wealth of experience to the wool industry. Our new and progressive approach of partnership with woolgrowers and processors underpins the strength of our trade. Our skill, experience, reach, and expertise deliver our partnerships a clear-cut advantage.

UWC’s high standards are reflected in our results. We strive to ensure we exceed your expectations.


For End Users

UWC buys wool from Australian, New Zealand, South African and South American producers and supplies wool to a global group of manufacturers. Our global customers benefit from our unique product and market knowledge, our vast experience, and our ability to identify favourable market cycles.

United Wool Company has developed an unrivalled procurement network, ensuring that we can secure the wool best suited to each processor, and every end user, at any level.
We have specialty relationships with a global network of textile manufacturers who vary in size and market position, but all a little distinctive and often producing specialty product with unique characteristics. The key products we supply include greasy wool, scoured wool, carbonised wool, tops and open tops. We provide a professional and dependable service to end-using processors.


For Producers

UWC periodically connects woolgrowers with contacts interested in sourcing particular types of single origin wools for specific orders. We make the process of directly supplying end users easy and rewarding. We are interested in building long-term relationships with dedicated professional growers: growers who are interested in increasing their bottom line while producing wool that is always suited to an ideal market—a market we can quickly identify.

UWC offers Direct to Export selling opportunities to Australian woolgrowers. We connect woolgrowers to direct access markets.


How we connect

UWC encompasses skill, network and expertise. We work with you to ensure a seamless experience in buying and selling wool. We are committed to our clients, and to a deep and active understanding of the industry. United Wool Company complements your strengths to fulfil your needs, because partnership with our clients is fundamental to our philosophy.


Ethical – Sustainable – Traceable

United Wool Company specialises in sourcing and providing clients with ethically produced wool, fitting and particular to their needs. The ethical focus of our producers ranges throughout all aspects of animal husbandry and responsible on farm management practices. We pride ourselves in meeting the challenge of supplying non-mulesed wool to clients where their clients require this added component. In these cases we provide fully traceable documentation.