United Wool CompanyUniting producers, processors and consumers

Australia’s most dynamic wool exporter

United Wool Company Pty Ltd (UWC) is an expert team combining three generations of wool buying, processing and export experience.

We are a team dedicated to building sustainable long-term relationships, uniting wool producers with processors, and consumers.

We maintain a consistently positive outcome from auction buying, direct buying, early-stage processing, and all export functions. UWC is a dependable and peak supplier to textile-consuming hubs across the world.

Skill, experience, reach and expertise

United Wool Company are 100% client focused. We stand by the results we achieve for clients and strive to ensure we exceed your expectations.

No other Australian wool exporting company has the depth of skill, experience, reach and expertise of United Wool Company.

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After many months of refining our operations in all respects, United Wool Co is an approved member of the Australian Government, Australian Trusted Trader program (ATT). This is a very rare privilege for an Australian Wool Exporter.

ATT recognises United Wool Co as a top-tier exporter with transparent and completely reliable systems relating to all aspects of our operation from procurement through to shipment, documentation and customs clearance.

ATT has Mutual Recognition Arrangements with several countries including China and therefore offers benefits to our customers when clearing our goods into China. Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) recognise Australian Trusted Traders within participating countries. These arrangements give our goods priority treatment at the borders of our partner countries. They enable faster processing, which means more predictability, certainty, and distribution speed.