the team at
united wool Co

United Wool is a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff focused on getting the best result every day. With a strong focus on building great relationships, the United Wool Co team provide broad based experience in wool spanning over three generations.

UWC offers a unique level of service to our strong and diverse client base. Our global customer network benefits from our unique product market knowledge and our ability to identify favourable market cycles.

Matthew hand

Managing director /
Head of Trading & Risk Management

Matthew Hand is the current president of the Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors, and a well-known figure in the wool exporting industry. He is the Managing Director of United Wool Company, and now also serves as a director of the Australian Wool Testing Authority. Matthew brings to his roles over twenty-five years’ experience and knowledge encompassing all aspects of the global wool industry. He serves with a passion developed early in his life. Matthew’s family's long history of involvement in the wool industry has been crucial to the development of his affinity with the product, and his belief in wool as a specialist, sustainable and unique fibre—the true value of which is only just beginning to be realised.

Matthew’s long-term involvement in procurement and supply of greasy wool, scoured, carbonised, tops and open tops to all wool-consuming countries has seen him develop close working relationships with clients and partners throughout the global supply chain.

Nigel Rendell

Director / Head of Merino Skirtings, Crossbred &
Carding Wool Buying & Trading

As one of Australia’s most respected Auction Wool Buyers, Nigel Rendell has an impressive depth of wool knowledge from the farm to the producer. Nigel comes from two generations of wool shearers and classing contractors, seeing him handle wool almost his entire life. He has developed a zealous understanding and appreciation for the product. Combined with Nigel’s eighteen years of experience in wool exporting, this foundation has helped him develop a significant client network, and sees him fulfil client needs with strong understanding and great proficiency.

Along with his solid position supplying Australian wool, Nigel also maintains a prominent position procuring wool from Argentinian, New Zealand, and South African markets.

Nigel is committed to wool, with his passion being fuelled by his involvement in the greater wool industry.

Andrew Jackson

Head of Merino Fleece Buying & Trading

Andrew Jackson grew up in the Western Division of New South Wales on a 38,000-hectare Merino property, held by the Jackson family for over one hundred years. Early in his life this had already developed a deep passion in Andrew and an empathy for the sheep and wool industry.

Andrew has had sixteen years in the export industry, giving him a strong knowledge base to enable him to deliver outstanding performance wool to his wide and strong client network.

“We knew there was a better way: a way to make it easier for clients, a better experience for them and a way to build long-term sustainable partnerships based on respect, knowledge and trust.”

Geoff Stafford

Chief Financial Officer

Geoff Stafford is an invaluable and integral member of the UWC team. With UWC from the beginning, Geoff brought with him twenty-five years’ experience in export trade finance and global logistics, largely in the wool, and skins and hides industries.

He expertly oversees all UWC trade documentation and financial details. He is dedicated both to family and work, with a balance we rely on.

Andrew Nicoll

Assistant to Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Nicoll is UWC’s Assistant to Chief Financial Officer. A director of his local Bendigo Bank, Andrew is also a former senior management accountant from within the Agriculture sector.

He brings to UWC his experience, dedication and accuracy—all vital supports to UWC’s financial administration.

Paul Ferronato

Paul Ferronato brings with him with a wealth of knowledge having 24 years of experience in the trade as a wool buyer, trader and processor (scouring and carbonising).

He is well known to the Korean and Japanese markets and very well respected within the industry. He speaks fluent Italian so he will certainly add great value to our team here in Melbourne.